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Beacons - Shiny Style

Beacons are low powered IoT devices that emit a signal over Bluetooth advertising that contains a specific (and very small piece of data) that is like an address. You attach that address to a "location" of some type. They are like an invisible light house. If you have a device that can "see" those signals, you can find out how close you are to it.

Geofencing with a Pinch of Notifications - Shiny Style

GPS & Geofencing is a common need for mobile and IoT platforms alike. However, mobile platforms with backgrounding in this area are always painful and that is being nice. We've tried several plugins over the years, but they have all some sort of pain point. Shiny aims to solve all of these as it provides a lot of base infrastructure to make things... shiny ;)

Background Jobs - Shiny Style

Performing background jobs on mobile is a necessity these days whether you are synchronizing data with your background, triggering notifications to say happy birthday, or just tracking your user for every step they make. With Shiny, I set out to make this process a breeze. Android has such a beautiful scheduled jobs engine that keeps improving. iOS is painful mainly because Apple hates your code that isn't UI. UWP does have a background tasks which work quite well, but lack some structure. I attempted to bring most of the "pretty" from Android to Xamarin cross platform!